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Celanese' family of thermally conductive plastics, known as CoolPoly®, are the most effective on the market today. 

CoolPoly thermally conductive polymers are available in a variety of base resins, and range in thermal conductivity from 2 W/mK (similar to glass) to 100 W/mK (similar to cast aluminum).

CoolPoly offers the heat transfer capability of metals and ceramics with the flexibility of conventional plastics.

The Celanese Advantage Is Your Competitive Edge


CoolPoly E-Series Products

E-Series thermally conductive polymers combine thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity in standard pellet form.

CoolPoly D-Series Products

D-Series thermally conductive polymers combine thermal conductivity and electrical isolation in standard pellet form.

CoolPoly Elastomers

CoolPoly thermally conductive elastomers are available in both electrically conductive (E-Series) & electrically insulative (D-Series) grades.


Design & Design Assistance

Only Celanese has complete state-of-the-art, in-house design and testing laboratories staffed with experienced thermal engineers who can help you determine your application's specific needs.

Tooling & Automation

Cool Polymer's experienced mold designers, tool makers and machinists can custom-build prototypes and state of the art high volume production injection molds.


In-house material, component, and system testing capabilities.

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Folded Fin Heat Sinks



Printed Circuits

Over Molded Heat Pipes

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)


Heat sinks


No One In The World Can Provide Comprehensive Full Service Like Celanese

Celanese is the only full service partner in the thermally conductive plastics industry.  We are the only company in the world with complete in-house thermal design and testing laboratories.  And with the most experienced engineers in thermally conductive plastics, Celanese is available to help you perfect your application.


Isn't it time to take the heat off your project?


What's New

CoolPoly® Heat Sink Trends

Folded Fin Heatsinks

CoolPoly thermally conductive injection molding grade thermoplastics allow folded fin heat sinks designs with unique architectures and performance. >> More

CoolPoly® Material Solutions

A detailed look at CoolPoly solutions in specific types of applications.

CoolPoly® Selection Tool

Not sure which material best suits your application?  Try our new CoolPoly selection tool.


Answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding thermally conductive polymers.

http://www.asminternational.org/Celanese is the proud recipient of the 2003 ASM International Engineering Materials Achievement Award.
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