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Celanese Design Services

Our engineers are available to work with your designers to develop solutions that can vastly improve the performance of your parts.  And since we have the top engineers in heat transfer and materials, you will get the benefit of their outstanding experience in solving thermal management issues.


Celanese project engineers, using SolidWorks®, can assist customers with their part design. Project engineers can easily import/export 3D CAD models and share ideas with customers using industry standard CAD formats. With their understanding of CoolPoly, project engineers can help customers optimize their design and select the right grade of CoolPoly for the application. With SolidWorks, all solid modeling is parametrically controlled in 3D, which, if required, is then used to drive the mold design, assembly, and the CNC programs to make the molds.

Thermal Modeling

Using Cosmos®, Celanese offers full CFD or thermal modeling. Static, Transient and fluid flow evaluations can be done. Project engineers use this tool to help customers optimize their part for thermal performance, maximizing the conductive and convective heat transfer of the design.

Mold Design

With MoldWorks® and SplitWorks®, Celanese has the ability to design any mold from simple to complex. These resources are used to help customers design prototype and production molds as well as to design prototype and injection molds built in house, for customers using Celanese as their injection molder. In both cases, the knowledge and resources that Celanese has to offer for designing with CoolPoly, can significantly increase the success of applications using this material.


What's New

CoolPoly® Heat Sink Trends

Folded Fin Heatsinks

CoolPoly thermally conductive injection molding grade thermoplastics allow folded fin heat sinks designs with unique architectures and performance.

CoolPoly® Selection Tool

Not sure which material best suits your application?  Try our new CoolPoly selection tool.


Answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding thermally conductive polymers.

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CoolPoly Selection Tool

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