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CoolPoly E-series - Thermally & Electrically Conductive Plastics

CoolPoly E-series
CoolPoly E-series Thermally Conductive Plastics exhibit electrical conductivity in addition to their thermal conductivity. The electrical conductivity measured as electrical resistivity is commonly in the range 0.1 to 10,000 ohm-cm. This conductivity range is appropriate for shielding electromagnetic and radio frequency energy. CoolPoly E-Series plastics can also be modified to achieve lower levels of electrical conductivity for applications requiring electrostatic dissipation (106 to 1010 ohm-cm). For comparison purposes, unmodified plastics are good electrical insulators (1012 to 1016 ohm-cm) and metals are good electrical conductors (10-6 to 10-1 ohm-cm).

Conventional plastics are considered thermal insulators. The thermal conductivity of CoolPoly E-series plastics range from 1.0 W/mK to 100 W/mK. This exceptional level of thermal conductivity in a plastic is 5 to 500 times the value of conventional plastics. The optimal level of thermal conductivity for any application depends on the power input, size of the part and the convection conditions. Celanese technical service staff can help engineers determine the appropriate materials for their application and heat transfer requirements.

CoolPoly E-series combines thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity in standard pellet form suitable for thermoplastic injection molding and other processes (e.g. extrusion). CoolPoly E-Series plastics are available in bag, drum, and Gaylord packaging.

E-Series material data:
Material Color

E1201 - Thermally and electrically conductive PP

datasheet  |  processing guideline 

E2 - Thermally and electrically conductive LCP

datasheet  |  processing guideline 

E3603 - Thermally and electrically conductive PPA

datasheet  |  processing guideline 

E4501 - Thermally and electrically conductive PC

datasheet  |  processing guideline 

E5101 - Thermally and electrically conductive PPS

datasheet  |  processing guideline 

Common uses for CoolPoly E-Series plastics include heatsinks, enclosures, lighting and heat exchangers. E-Series plastics are also commonly chosen in applications in which the level of electrical conductivity or electrical insulation is unimportant.

Cool Poly E-Series plastics are characterized for their volume and surface resistivity in addition to their thermal, mechanical, and physical properties.

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