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Cool Poly Heat Sink Trends

Folded Fin Heat Sinks & Thermal Management Solutions

CoolPoly thermally conductive injection molding grade thermoplastics allow folded fin heat sinks designs with unique architectures and performance.  The thermally conductive thermoplastics permit molding of a 3-dimensional base structure to conform to electronic layouts while transferring heat to efficient folded aluminum fins.  The CoolPoly folded fin heat sinks can even incorporate a dielectric base material when required.  3-dimensional molding of the base components and the heat sink, thus reducing the total thermal resistance. The 3-dimensional base can also be molded form a thermally conductive elastomer, providing sufficient compliance to eliminate the need for additional interface materials. 

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Heat Pipes Over-molded With CoolPoly Thermally Conductive Plastic

Heat pipes are widely used as part of the cooling solution in today’s laptop computers and portable electronic devices.  However, hardware designers have to figure out how to get heat into and out of the heat pipe to actually cool components.

Often  heat pipe assemblies become costly since multiple manufacturing steps are required.  Evaporator and condenser sections must be fabricated.  Subcomponents are often plated or treated and the elements must be assembled mechanically or with the use of adhesives or solder.

CoolPoly thermally conductive plastic allows a heat pipe to be encapsulated in the material. Net shape molding allows the condenser and evaporator sections to be formed as well as attachment or other features.  Since assembly occurs in the molding, machine costs are reduced and low conductivity interface materials are eliminated. 

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CoolPoly Thermally Conductive Elastomers Give New Meaning to The Word "Flexible"

Historically, engineers in a wide variety of industries were challenged to design products based on the potentially costly and limited thermal management solutions available.  Engineers now have tremendous flexibility in designing new products using CoolPoly thermally conductive, flexible elastomers. 


CoolPoly elastomeric heat sinks intimately conform to varying component heights and surfaces consequently eliminating the need for secondary interface.  Secondary interface requirements often translate to added cost and can also leave you with unwanted thermal resistance.


Additionally, supplementary components can be molded in, such as, fins, attachment clips, pins etc... providing parts consolidation, lower assembly cost, and increased thermal efficiency.


Potential uses include:  multi-chip applications and modules, motors, capacitors, many non-planar applications.

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