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CoolPoly E-Series Products

E-Series thermally conductive polymers combine thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity in standard pellet form.

CoolPoly D-Series Products

D-Series thermally conductive polymers combine thermal conductivity and electrical isolation in standard pellet form.

CoolPoly Elastomers

CoolPoly thermally conductive elastomers are available in both electrically conductive (E-Series) & electrically insulative (D-Series) grades.

Design & Design Assistance

Only Celanese has complete state-of-the-art, in-house design and testing laboratories staffed with experienced thermal engineers who can help you determine your application's specific needs.

Tooling & Automation

Cool Polymer's experienced mold designers, tool makers and machinists can custom-build prototypes and state of the art high volume production injection molds.


In-house material, component, and system testing capabilities.


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No Antenna Effect Heat Sinks

CoolPoly thermally conductive plastics have the right electrical characteristics to avoid an antenna effect.


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LED Thermal Management

solutions molded from CoolPoly thermally conductive plastics...


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Bobbins and Coil Wound Devices

CoolPoly reduces device temperature in many wound devices including solenoids, ignition and clutch coils, surface mount coils, and transformers.

http://www.asminternational.org/ CCelanese is the proud recipient of the 2003 ASM International Engineering Materials Achievement Award.
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