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CoolPoly Material Solutions

CoolPoly® Thermally Conductive Plastics

For Gaskets & Thermal Interface

CoolPoly Benefits

CoolPoly thermally conductive injection molding grade thermoplastic elastomers are ideal for 3-dimensional, net-shape molding of thermal interfaces and gaskets. Unlike traditional die cut 2-dimensional silicone interfaces, CoolPoly thermally conductive elastomers can be injection molded into complex shapes, molded directly onto parts, or used to encapsulate components.

As an example, CoolPoly thermally conductive elastomer can be used as the base of a heat sink eliminating the need for an additional compliant interface. Thermally conductive elastomers are also useful as “soft-touch” components having heated or cooled surfaces.

CoolPoly thermally conductive elastomers are used in a wide variety of electronic, automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

Thermal interface molded from thermally conductive plastic provides:


  • Conformance to rough and non-planar surfaces


  • Softness

  • Gap filling

  • Net-shape no waste


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