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CoolPoly Selection Tool

Choose an application type from the list below.
Circuit Boards
Dielectric Heat Plates
Electric Motors & Coil Wound Devices
Electrostatic Dissipation (ESD)
EMI/RFI Enclosures
Encapsulating Semiconductor & Electronic Devices
Folded Fin Heat Sinks
Friction & Wear Applications
Functional Heat Sinks
Gaskets & Thermal Interface
Heat Exchangers
Heat Sinks & Thermal Management Solutions
Heaters & Heating Elements
Injection Molding
Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Molded Bobbins
Optical Drive Pickup Base
Overmolded Heat Pipes
PCR Tubes & Trays
Print Heads
Resistors & Switches
Substrates & Electronic Packaging
Temperature Sensors
Tooling & Molds
Tubing Applications
Electric Motors & Coil Wound Devices:
Recommended Material(s):

D5110 - Thermally Conductive Dielectric PPS  V0


D5506 - Thermally Conductive Dielectric LCP  V0



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CoolPoly Selection Tool

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