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Product & Material Testing

Complete, state-of-the-art  in-house testing laboratory

Material Testing

Celanese performs extensive material testing on all compounds and has the ability to measure true material thermal conductivity with its dedicated thermal and heat transfer laboratory.  This is done via the Laser Flash method (ASTM E1461) and is used extensively to QC materials to ensure its thermal conductivity.  Among a select group of labs with this capability, this test equipment has the ability to measure the following:

  • Diffusivity, heat capacity and calculated conductivity

  • Range:  0.01 to 2000 W/mK at 0-300C

  • Non-equilibrium (transient) measurement ("FAST")


    Component Testing

    In addition to material testing, Celanese can perform component level thermal testing to help customers evaluate the performance of their part in CoolPoly as compared to other materials or plastics.  The measured thermal resistance R (C/W) of a part or assembly can be performed under the following conditions:

    • Free convection  R = [power (w)]

    • Forced convection  R = [power (w),air speed (lfm)]

    • Radiation:  Small, enclosure dependent

    • Interface material  R = [power (w), thickness (t), pressure (p)]

    This data can help provide a quantitative assessment of the design (geometry or shape) of the part and its material attributes (thermal conductivity) and how this affects the performance.  This data is then usable by the customer to assist in the design process.



    Using state of the art tools, such as, IR technology, Celanese can perform system level testing to help customers develop solutions using CoolPoly. 


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